Extreme Camping: Living Life on the Edge

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Camping is a great way to get away from it all and relax…but for those of us who like to live life on the edge, relaxing is the last thing we want to do on vacation.  We are not only into living life on the edge but we want to jump off too.  Forget roasting marshmallows by the campfire, we want extreme camping.

If you’re up for an adrenaline pumping high time, try adventure camping in the mountains.  There’s always lots to do like hiking, rock climbing, rafting and dodging snakes and bears.  Some of the most rugged and highest mountains you will find in the United States are the Rockies.

With elevations reaching over 14,000 feet, the Rocky Mountains extend from New Mexico through the southwest all the way up into British Columbia.  Even in the summertime, the weather itself can be extreme with snow and freezing temperatures.  When the snow melts, the rivers swell and rush often causing flooding and dangerous currents.  It is advised to do your homework on the weather because you will need to be prepared.  Between avalanches, bolstering currents and freezing temperatures, many a man has lost his life in this rough terrain.

You can go it alone or, you can enlist the guidance of a professional.  In fact, there are new endurance camping outfitters that can boost your trip by giving you inside information and pointing you in the right direction but don’t worry, they are not going to babysit you.  In fact, quite the contrary.  The programs are designed to challenge even the best but to do so wisely and with knowledge of the terrain, weather and the sport.

One such outfitter is in Estes Park, Colorado that offers extreme cliff camping.  It is exclusively available through Kent Mountain Adventure Centre.  There you can hike up a 50-metre vertical ascent to pitch your tent on the edge, literally, with the wind and the bears.

Not only will you want to take appropriate clothing wherever you do your extreme camping, you will want to take a tent and sleeping bag that is made for the weather and terrain you will be in.  Also, emergency gear is in order to bring as well.  Of course you will want to also pack whatever entertainment you want like rock climbing gear, snowshoes or maybe even fly fishing equipment.

California’s Yosemite National Park is another fun spot to go for extreme mountain camping.  There are some really great places to hike and awesome rocks to climb not to mention fantastic fishing too.  You can find organized teams to go along with so that you don’t get into trouble, like the one Good Morning America joined, the Pacific Tree Climbing Institute.

Extreme Camping in the mountains is both adventurous and dangerous.  Maybe that’s what us thrill seekers like best about it.  Why do we do it?  Perhaps that was best answered by three time Primal Quest competitor, Kimberly Dunkin.  When asked why she puts herself through torture and takes such risks and even calls it fun she simply answers, “Because I can.”

Words of wisdom to my fellow extreme mountain campers, “Why just go to the edge when you can camp out there?  Be wise, my friends and…enjoy!”