Hunting License: Knowing the Ropes Can Save Time and Frustration

Hunting License

If you want to go hunting, you are going to need a license.  Hunters like to gripe about having to do so but when you know the ropes of how much one is going to cost, where to get it and when, it’s not that bad and besides, the regulations are in order for public safety and proceeds help to keep lands maintained.

Hunting guidelines can be vague as in unwritten laws or they can be strictly enforced as state laws.  Each state’s regulations vary as does their charge and their timing so you will want to get your plan together and check the area you wish to hunt in and the season as well.  There are websites that make it easy to find out which state does what and when like

How do you go about getting a hunting license?  You will need to fill out paperwork during the time span allotted by the state you wish to hunt in and it will go by what you are hunting for and what you are hunting with.  If you are hunting duck and other migratory birds, you will need to fill out federal paperwork too.  You will also most likely need to take a hunting safety course.  All but one of the fifty states require a course but the states vary as far as the ages they allow one to attend the course.  Some only offer them for adults while others let children as young as twelve years of age join.

If you are hunting large game, you will only be able to kill a certain amount, one per tag that you are issued.  Oftentimes the licenses are given out by a lottery system for big game or for extended seasons such as for deer.  Some states only allow tag hunting and others use it along with regular licensing.

Another thing that varies is the cost.  Most states charge additional fees to those from other states.  How the states spend the monies differs too.

The best way to go about your next hunting trip is to plan early.  Check out magazines, hunting shows, online sites and of course, listen to your hunting buddies’ stories.  Chose what you want to hunt and where.  Then, write for information from that state in regard to the particular game or look it up online.  You can have the information ready so you can fill out the forms right away when they become available.  You will also want to be sure you have saved up and have the funds to pay for it because it will be due upon request of the license.

Another thing to be thinking about is where you are going to lodge or if you are going to camp.  You will want to make reservations, if needed, when you get your license and not wait to the last minute as you might find yourself with a hunting license but no place to stay.  Along with checking online, you can also look in local papers for spots that may not be nationally advertised.  If you know someone in the area you plan to hunt in, ask for behind the scenes information…it is priceless.

Having a plan and being in the know is imperative for a good hunting experience and that begins with the license itself.  When you know what to expect and when to apply, you have got a handle on a good start.  Now for the fun part, you can get down to the hunt.