Camping Appliances

An appliance isn’t just a refrigerator or a stove. These are “major” appliances and you can add on a washer and dryer set. Small appliances in the kitchen include mixers, blenders, bread makers, toasters, ovens, and other assorted kitchen appliances. When we are talking about camping, the term takes a different turn. I think of a Coleman stove, hot pots and plug-in sauce pans, battery refrigeration units, mini car vacs, and even microwaves (for those who hate to rough it). These assorted devices are like cheating on the real outdoor experience, but they can sure makes things go a lot easier. Some of us just have to have fresh brewed coffee every morning wherever we are. I would eliminate the electric toothbrush and shaver, however, as being a little too soft for the camping world. I would allow a stainless steel icemaker for a larger group of less than virile woodsmen and maybe a Ninja juice machine.

There are so many possibilities for the well-equipped outdoor kitchen. Camping becomes the art of not roughing it, rather than the other way around. If you don’t mind lugging all this stuff, or can assign one or two to every camper, it is not a bad way to go. After all, we have all heard about those luxury fishing trips that take you into the wilds by helicopter only to find a professional gourmet chef at the site, ready with all kinds of cooking gear. They cost an arm and a leg!

So… that being said… camping appliances are great gifts for the person who has absolutely everything. You can order them on line and have them shipped, so you don’t have to lift a finger. They will also insure the recipient doesn’t have to lift one when enjoying the scenery. There can be more time for photos and hikes. You can occupy the kids with appliances as they like to get into the act and you don’t want them anywhere near the wood fire.

Taking a grill is out of the question and destroys the fun of building your own fire pit. Who doesn’t like to search for wood and kindling? You can be proud of your handiwork as you roast meat over an open flame. You have to employ safety measures, but you do as well with many appliances (and you also have to worry about batteries and power connections). Remember, there are things you can use outdoors at home like smokers and turkey fryers that don’t necessarily belong on a camping adventure.

There is nothing like camping during the warmer season for the whole family, or just a male bonding outing. Getting a cold beer out of the automatic cooler is heaven. You don’t have to go running off for ice. Fresh juice in the morning can be done by hand, but then again… It all comes down to what kind of camper you are. We are not all purists! I have seen portable washing machines and showers that are amazing. Compact and lightweight, they easily find a place in the car or RV. The longer your trip, the more you will find these items quite handy.