Close to the Catch

Whether you already like to fish from a Kayak or it’s your first time, you have come to the right place. All you need are a few pointers and you are ready for a great adventure. If you are still in doubt, check out some great photos online and you will be convinced. Below you will learn about types of kayaking and how to get the perfect bait for the perfect fish. Once you dip that paddle in crystal blue waters, you will be hooked (pun intended).


Coastal/Ocean: You can join a group of anglers on a boat that carries some 20 odd kayaks at once. For a bit of extra luxury, there are staterooms for hire. The kayaks are stacked on racks and loaded by the crew. I might be describing an 88-foot craft in San Diego, California that specializes in bass, halibut, and yellowtail. Cold drinks are plentiful through the day. The sun is spectacular on the water and the catch is always good. Participants relax as their kayaks drift with the wind. They say there is nothing like it in the world of fishing.

River: There you are, alone with your paddle, sitting… and waiting. When the white water appears, a kayak will do its job perfectly. The best are designed for rough water and fast flow. Anglers are watching for the fish that hide in ambush along the way. Maneuverability is a major issue here. You need to be able to run across flows and spin into an eddy both for good fishing and safety. You don’t want your kayak to just track straight as an arrow. River boats have a rocker or banana shape in the front making them nimble, while an upswept bow helps force the nose of the boat on top of standing waves. Thus you can turn quickly and follow the best line through the water.


  • Get the right fishing kayak and paddling gear out of the box and learn how to secure it. River and ocean fishing demand different items.
  • Select the appropriate width and length of your kayak for optimum performance. Standing and sitting should be comfortable and easy. These boats come with raised seats and pull-in ropes. You can elect a sit-on-top feature. Some fishermen like more stability and weight than others who prefer speed.
  • Opt for an adjustable seat that can be removed for camping.
  • Storage is a plus in the stern or bow hatch.
  • To maximize ergonomics, there are back rests, ventilated seats, leg lifters, and foam knee supports.

Kayaking takes some know-how. Consult the experts and garner advice for the area in which you will be fishing. It is a wonderful recreational sport for the whole family. There are specialty magazines loaded with photos that will pump up your interest fast. You need different gear for coastal and river fishing as you may be surf launching, catching larger fish, and facing a variety of conditions. Wherever you live, there is no doubt a suitable locale nearby. In no time you will become a regular.