Getting Your Fly On: What States are Best For Fly Fishing?

Fly Fishing not only takes a good bit of skill and determination, it takes knowing where to cast a line too.  What states are best for fly fishing?  Read on to get the top spots.

It’s pretty much a given that Florida wins out when it comes to the best state for saltwater fly fishing, in the United States at least.  The Everglades, Panhandle and even inland at places like Disney Lakes are all loaded with largemouth bass and redfish too.

Some of the best fly fishing ever can be found in Colorado.  One of the most popular spots to fish is the South Platte River with more that fifteen public accesses.  There you will find Cutbows, Suckers, Bass, Salmon and Rainbow Brown fish in abundance.  You can also just pull over beside the road if you happen to be traveling down the Scenic Byway of the San Juan Skyway in Southwestern Colorado.  Small towns such as Ouray, Placerville and Ridgway are home to some of the best obscure fly fishing around.  Here you can go it alone or enlist the help of a fly fishing outfitter for an even better chance at a successful fish.

New York has its fair share of great fly fishing holes too.  The Catskills is one of my favorite, for the fish and for the sheer beauty of the Beaverkill, Neversink and the Willowemoc.  Long Island South is a coveted spot and don’t forget the Adirondacks and of course the Great Lakes where salmon are plentiful.

Pennsylvania is another fantastic fly fishing state in the East.  Penn Creek and Spring Creek are notorious for brown trout.  Elk Creek and Walnut Creek boast steelhead and salmon too.

Montana is not only one of the most gorgeous states, it is home to fabulous fly fishing.  Yellowstone is overflowing and Beaverhead too.  In my opinion, Montana ties Colorado for the best fly fishing state if you’re going for trout.

Alaska is certainly another excellent state to fly fish in.  Although the season doesn’t last long, only a few short months, it’s for sure worth casting in during that time.  There are salmon, rainbows, northern pike and steelhead, just to name a few.  Of course you will be competing with the Grizzlies for the fish so do take precautions so you don’t become dinner instead.

Some states have great fly fishing that you might not think would like North Carolina, Idaho, California and even Maine.  The truth of the matter is that fly fishing can be enjoyed in most every state.  What fly fishing spot is the best?  That is a subject of great debate.  The best thing to do is to get on out there, get your fly on,  and find out which is your personal favorite.