The Great Outdoor Gym

Stop running on that boring treadmill and get outside for once. In nature you will find the best and greatest outdoor gym. And it’s free! It has everything you want and need plus nice scenic vistas of mountains, parks, and various bodies of water. It can be seaside or lakeside, or even by a pool. Once you switch gears, you won’t go back.

Everyone runs or knows someone who does but it has gotten less popular. The gym is a social place where you can greet friends and maybe your trainer. You share stories about your day and it helps vent whatever went wrong. It is as addictive as any drug. You know your routine and can do it practically blindfolded. The treadmill is your friend, the weights your buddies.

But what are the alternatives? Certainly you want some variety. I know that hunting and fishing burn plenty of calories for me, and it can go on for days! These pastimes are good weight loss activities. Even if you aren’t overweight and want to stay fit, there are plenty of things you can do in the wild.

Swimming, hiking, playing golf or any other sport are as good as aerobic exercise. Anything that involves lifting, even a baseball bat, is akin to strength training in the gym. You don’t necessarily need to contort your body in strange angles or even use one of those strange inversion tables to get the health benefits from exercising. Dieting is good to feel healthy, but working out outdoors will boost energy and flood the brain with powerful relaxing endorphins. There is something inspiring about nature I guess that makes being in it preferable and pleasurable.

You can pick your favorite activity. I have mine. You can look up the calories burned on the Internet. There are calculators that take what you do and multiply it by the minutes you perform or undertake it. Thus you get your total calories consumed. If you have a picnic along the way on your hiking trail, or even a bit of a snack, no matter. You are burning it as you eat.

Routine outdoor chores also work. You get toned while you get things done, like mowing the lawn and washing the car. It is less desirable as a workout just because it is toil, but why not change your perspective on it. You may not shirk your duties once you see it in a new way. Gardening works too, so don’t forget about it. You can save money on hiring a professional if you get into it. All that bending is equivalent of gym squats in any case.

Yes, the great outdoor gym beckons and awaits you. Take photos for Facebook and Instagram and spread the news. You have found the best fitness program on earth and it is there for all the world to see and experience themselves. Add the calories for each activity per month and then get on the scales. You will be pleasantly surprised. One pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. You do the math. It’s your daily burn fitness program. Go for it!