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Great Gear: The 18650 Flashlight

People disagree all the time about the best hunting and fishing equipment. There are so many brands and advocates of each that it is hard to differentiate the good from the best. Perhaps it is best to try them out for yourself and compare notes with other sportsmen. So, you can expect tips but not necessarily absolute answers. One item that I have found gets common agreement as a superior tool is the 18650 flashlight. This should be included among your great gear. I have checked out the testimonials and have found them instructive.

The most popular model is a particular black super bright LED brightest torch adjustable focus zoom light lamp for outdoor use. If you want durability, you have it as the flashlight is made of a durable aircraft grade aluminum allow. It doesn’t get better than that. Plus, it is water resistant and has an anti-abrasive hard anodized finish. You will like the zoom function as it is perfect for any activity you pursue while hunting or fishing including hiking, camping, targeted searches and more. Of course, you can also employ it around the house for general purposes. Thus, you need only buy one flashlight unless you like to keep one tucked away in your backpack at all times—ready to pull out at a moment’s notice in the wilds. Most people like the five different modes from high, medium, and low to strobe and SOS signal. This is all you need say most hunters and their kinsmen, those who fish.

In the past I have wasted too much money on expensive models that don’t work any better than the mid-range flashlight. I would never go really cheap either. Given all the option, pick one you like. There are differences in design. Some have a slightly wider head than body. I like that the body is the perfect width to fit comfortably in my hands. Then there is a matter of length. Some people like something more compact, depending upon the zoom setting.

It also might matter which battery you choose, from AA to AAA. You can get battery adapters for better compatibility. I personally want my flashlight to accept the 18650 since it provides the most power and it is the only way to reach a rating of 1600 lumens. By all means, who doesn’t want super bright unless you feel it is a distraction to animals while hunting. You also don’t want to blind the other hunters in your party so keep this in mind. Above all, you want the flashlight to throw a good beam. Next you want a zoomable lens that allows you to go from super wide to a tightly-focused beam. In the house, the wide beam will illuminate most rooms as well as an average-size backyard. The focus beam during hunting will throw light about seventy feet away.

If you ask the experts, no doubt they will provide additional benefits along with basic information. Let this start you out in the right direction.